Saturday, 12 November 2016

Sewing Kit - Fabric, Ribbons and threads

Sewing Kit - Fabric, Ribbons and threads, Scottie Dog Fabric, Dogs, Sewing Projects, Craft Stash Kit, Sewers, Needlecrafters, Embroiderers 
This kit contains: (measurements are approx)
60x140cm of gorgeous scottie dog fabric
7 lengths of ribbon - 1m of each one in complimentary colours of the fabric and threads
5 skeins of Embroidery thread in complimentary colours of the fabric and ribbons
I love this design and the colours, there are so many free templates available on-line rather than putting a specific kit together with my templates i thought i would love the end design up to your creative mind and just source some fab fabric with matching ribbons and threads
This kit was put together with home decor projects in min such as aprons, cushions, fabric decorations; such as hanging ornaments, door stops, tablet cases, shopping bags etc....
The fabric, threads and ribbons together may be washed on a delicate 30 washing machine cycle or for product longevity hand wash but please read other products washing instructions such as toy stuffing etc... as they may be non-washable
I am hoping to create a plethora of crafting kits for my shop, follow/ like me on Facebook for inspiration, more photos of the kits, special offers and updates to new product releases
Please get in touch if there is a specific crafting style you would like a kit putting together for.
Or if you need this kit customising to include extra materials such as needles, water soluble pens, templates - i kept this kit quite to the bare essentials so it was suitable for both hand and machine sewers

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