Saturday, 12 November 2016

Make your own jewellery for yourself for gifts or to sell

Make your own jewellery - Jewellery making selection kit now available in my Etsy store:
The idea behind the kits:
A lovely lady, mentioning no names (Zoe ;-)) asked me to create a little selection kit for her as i sell aspects of jewellery making items in my Etsy shop. Zoe wanted to try jewellery making but didn't want to shell out a lot of money to see if she liked it... and i'm pleased to say she loved it, it got me thinking as i have only really listed single items before such as bead strands, books, tools and wires so I have made up some little kits for my shop
I hope you like them :-)
Any feedback would be awesome, i plan on making a few for different budgets i have 2 live at the moment 1 for £9.99 and 1 for £14.99 but plan on doing a few different price points.

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