Friday, 12 February 2016

Loving these mdf hearts..... see how much profit they could return for you

Craft Weekend!

These mdf hearts are so easy to make into gifts!

How to make these work for you....

I sell my finished hearts for £6.99 online buy depending on where you are selling you could charge more... if it is a Craft Fair make sure you charge a little more to cover your table costs (at Craft fairs i would charge £7.49 - £7.99

so let's work out the profit margin on them

a large heart costs 89p work out what you would like to do with it

Twine, paint to white wash the mdf, stamp for sentiment or pen for a drawn on sentiment and embellishments = £1.00 materials
Thats a cost of £1.89

thats a £5.10 profit
Make up time is usually 15 mins not including paint drying time... not bad ehh?

Sell your makes on Etsy
here's a link for 40 free listings (and don't forget it's free to set your shop up

Look on pinterest for lots of design inspiration..... here's some Pins i found to get you started

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