Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hay fever and Rhinitis sufferers - have you seen this

I have no medical training - my opinion in this post is purely my own. I don't work for Lloyds and i certainly won't receive anything in return for this endorsement I just believe in sharing great things that may allow people to reduce the amount of tablets they have to take
Before you buy this please read who this is suitable for and always check with your GP

I just wanted to share an invention that i think is awesome, i suffer with allergic rhinitis which is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, caused by a virus infection (e.g. the common cold) or by an allergic reaction (e.g. hay fever). My rhinitis is made worse by a blockage i have in my sinuses discovered by an MRI that compounded with the fact that i have sinus drip as well... means i have lots of issues with my sinuses which give me cold like symptoms most of the year round as well as some pretty nasty headaches

A few year ago i tried a device which was awesome! It doesn't look pretty and it's a bit embarrassing to use (as it makes your nose glow red like Rudolph) but it works wonders. This handy little machine back in the day was a bit fiddly with its connected cable, you clipped it onto your belt and used the machine...

How the machine works:
The Allergy Reliever is designed to use red light therapy in order to suppress the cells that release histamine, which may help to reduce the symptoms caused by hay fever and rhinitis

The new machine has no cables and its a lot more compact. I carry it in my handbag and don't leave the house without mine. I have found my hay fever so much more manageable thanks to this little device. I was taking Benadryl Allergy relief tablets which are expensive and found i was having to take the full amount i could take a day just to make it through. This week i have only had 1 tablet which in my eyes is amazing. The more i can reduce the need to take tablets i am happier

You can get this online or in your local Lloyds store

This little machine is £19.99 which when  i think ho much i must have spent this year on tablets i have saved myself so much. I have a prescription card but couldn't get my Benadryl on prescriptions so was paying out time and time again.

There are restrictions to who can use this so have a read on the lloyds website and check with your doctor first before you buy to see if its for you

I have recommended this to so many of my friends and family, a lot of my friends and colleagues are now using it to so the embarrassment factor has even gone as we just all glow together.

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